Word Wise 6

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Word Wise 6 Key Skills in English Literacy Sixth Class. Word Wise is series of activity books written by experienced Primary School teachers and designed to foster the development of core skills in literacy from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. The key areas of Comprehension,Grammar ,Oral Language , Vocabulary Development , Phonics and Writing are all catered for in an engaging and structured programme. The features of Word Wise 6 include : Vibrant and varied comprehension pieces (both fiction and non fiction) that increase in difficulty as the book progresses. Lower and Higher order comprehension questions. A clear focus on oral language as a key skill.This is developed through pair, group and class activities. Vocabulary expansion work and consolidation of phonics. Comprehensive and diverse grammar exercises. Innovative exercises covering the following genres of writing: Recount Report Explanatory Persuasive Procedural Narrative Writing to socialise Revision units are included to reinforce and consolidate learning. There are 18 units in this book. Each unit therefore would last 2 weeks of the school year. Each Unit contains some of the following sections - Comprehension,Grammar,Phonics,Writing (Recount) , Oral Language, Vocabulary Development, Writing (Report), Writing (Procedural), Writing (Narrative), Writing (To socialise) , Dictionary skills, Writing (Persuasive) , Preview Table of Contents + Work Unit

Number of Pages: 92

Publisher: C J Fallon

SKU: 9780714420646