Treehouse Books #03 - The 39-Story Treehouse

by Griffiths, Andy
52.00 NIS
Andy and Terry are once again inviting readers to come hang out with them in their astonishing 39-story treehouse (it used to be 13 stories, then 26 stories, but they keep expanding). And this year they will have even more time to jump on the world's highest trampoline, toast marshmallows in an active volcano, swim in the chocolate waterfall, pet baby dinosaurs, and go head-to-trunk with the Trunkinator, since Terry has created the greatest invention that he―or anyone else―has ever invented . . . a Once-upon-a-time machine that will write and illustrate their entire book for them!

Number of Pages: 368

Lexile Level: 610

Reading Level: 3.4

Publisher: Wiz Kids

SKU: 9781250075116