Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop Level 2 Purple 2011 SE

by Sadlier
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Words are taught through explicit, systematic instruction that is consistent across each level. Units include the following features: Introducing the Words begins each Unit with a visually appealing fiction or nonfiction passage that provides context for the new vocabulary words Word Study develops strategies for decoding word meanings as well as integrates speaking and writing activities to expand word knowledge Shades of Meaning helps students recognize word relationships and nuances in word meanings by exploring idioms, metaphors, proverbs, and word choice Unit Review provides additional activities that provide reinforcement and enrichment, including: Definitions, Matching the Meaning, Synonyms/Antonyms, Completing the Sentence, Word Associations, Vocabulary for Comprehension, Classifying, and Completing the Idea. Preview Table of Contents + Work Unit

Series: Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop

Number of Pages: 248

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