Orca Limelights Breaking Big

by Draper, Penny
64.00 NIS
Robin’s got everything it takes to be a principal dancer: the body, the feet, the strength and the passion. But his devil-may-care attitude plays havoc with discipline at the Premier Dance School. One more prank may be one too many. That’s why everyone is shocked when he’s the only student dancer picked to understudy with the company, even though the choice makes sense—Robin is cast as Puck, the annoying trickster fairy in A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Shock turns to horror when the principal dancer is injured and Robin has to perform instead. The other dancers don’t think he can pull it off, and even Robin wonders if it’s too much too soon. Will his big break kill his career before it even starts?

Number of Pages: 144

Format: Soft Cover

Reading Level: 4.6

Publication Date: 2016-03-15

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781459809239