Orca Currents Rebel's Tag

by Denman, K.L.
64.00 NIS
Sam's grandfather vanished from his life the day Sam's father was buried. Now, ten years later, Grandpa Max wants to make amends. He sends letters that lead Sam on a scavenger hunt. Sam follows his grandfather's bizarre instructions though he's still not ready to forgive. To alleviate his anger at his grandfather, Sam turns to his favorite stress release: climbing onto roofs and leaving his tag, a spray painted symbol for Aquarius. When he gets caught by an elderly couple, Sam learns a valuable lesson about forgiveness. He's ready to forgive his grandfather, but is he too late?

Number of Pages: 104

Lexile Level: HL550L

Reading Level: 2.2

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781551437408