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Mark Your Diaries and plan to join us!

Wiz Kids has booked an evening at the JELLY Library in Jerusalem so that all you Jerusalemite, Beit Shemesh and Gush teachers can check out our new materials for Sept 2017.

* Coursebooks for Native Speakers
* Supplemental materials for EFL
* Reproducibles
* Games & Manipulatives

WHERE: JELLY Library, The Djanolgy Library, Baka Matnas, 3 Issachar St. Tel. 02 671 1734
WHEN: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 16:30-20:30
 Book-to-Film Adaptations

Check the movie listings lately?

More and more films are being based on great and/or popular books. So before you hit the theatres this summer, make sure that you’ve read the original first. Here’s a short list of books that will be coming out as movies very soon!
Newbery Awards 2017

The Newbery Winners

The American Library Association announced the Newbery Prize Winner and Honor Books for 2017. The award is given to the author of "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children."
The Trials of Apollo

Return to Percy Jackson's World!

“Riordan's many fans will be thrilled with this return to the world of Percy Jackson and friends.”

- School Library Journal
Rory's Story Cubes®: Mix

Just arrived!

With Rory's Story Cubes®: Mix, create even more combinations of stories. All you have to do is Mix, Roll and Tell. Into scary tales, detective mysteries, mythical stories or enchanted fables? Rory's Story Cubes® Mix will have you covered with a full expansion range.
Who Was...?

Who Was...?

The "Who Was" series is a fun way to learn about your favorite people from history, or even travel to a place you've always dreamed of seeing. With over 150 titles, you're sure to discover more than you thought possible.

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The Essentials
Wiz Kids has been specializing in coursebooks for Native Speakers since 2002.

We buy from great publishers in the US & the UK – some big and some small - and go to conferences for educational booksellers overseas every year to stay current.

Let our knowledgeable consultants help you choose the best books to meet your learning goals.

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A Reluctant Reader is anyone who does not show interest in reading.

Some kids are reluctant readers because they never mastered the skills needed for reading in the first place, either because of a learning disability or other problem. Those kids may need intervention with a qualified reading teacher.

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Staff Picks
Titles hand picked by our staff!
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New Titles
New titles fresh on our shelves!
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