Wicked History - King George III: America's Enemy

by Brooks, Philip
39.00 NIS

Biography of King George III of England, who vowed to squash the rebellion in the American colonies and become known as the man who saved the British Empire, but who instead became known as the king who lost America.

- Opening quote by or about the featured villain/villainess
- Historical map, annotated with key locations from person's life
- A Wicked Web featuring allies and enemies
- Historical photos and etchings
- Boxes with additional information
- Photo documentaries: six to eight pages of photos and captions telling the person's life
- Timeline, glossary, additional sources
- Engaging narrative nonfiction written at a very accessible reading level

Number of Pages: 128

Lexile Level: 910L

Publisher: Scholastic US

SKU: 9780531207390