Teen Eli Readers 3 - Expedition Brazil (including audio track)

48.00 NIS
Niara, Yoshi and Gunnar are the lucky winners of a trip to Brazil. While making a documentary about the country, they will visit the largest city in South America, Sao Paolo, the unbelievable capital, Brasilia, lovely Rio de Janeiro, and two natural wonders of the world, the wetlands of Pantanal and the great Amazon rainforest. Nothing could ever prepare these three friends for the new experiences they are about to have. The places that they'll visit will leave them open-mouthed and the warmth of the people and the rhythms of Brazilian music will change their lives. Brazil's amazing diversity will live forever in their hearts. To top it all, their last day in Brazil will be full of surprises.

Series: Teen Eli Readers

Publisher: ELI Publishing

SKU: 9788853617446