Teen Eli Readers 2 - A Faraway World (including audio track)

by M-L Banfi
48.00 NIS
Oh!' says Alex, a little surprised. 'Don't you feel African at all?' 'No, not at all!' Marquat replies firmly. 'Just because I'm black doesn't mean I'm not British. I am British, just like you!' Marquat, born in Cardiff, but with Nigerian parents is a typical teenager. He's an intelligent, inquisitive boy but also sometimes insecure and shy. He hopes to do well in life and works hard to achieve his dreams. One day, unfortunately, he comes across racial prejudices because of the colour of his skin. However, just as he begins to think he's alone, he discovers the value of friendship which will help him overcome any problem.

Series: Teen Eli Readers

Publisher: ELI Publishing

SKU: 9788853604323