Start to Read 2-I Don't Like Peas

23.00 NIS
Help your child learn to read with a story about a familiar meal-time problem! Intended as a next step after Level 1 introduction to reading, this Level 2 storybook from the Start to Read! series features controlled vocabulary, simple sentence patterns, and rhyming words. Any child who has turned up his or her nose at a plate of “something” will relate to I Don’t Like Peas. A food challenge turns to inspired curiosity after an unusual observation: “Our cat likes peas. She thinks peas are fun. When a pea hits the floor, she starts to run.” The story introduces 50-70 new words, and many of them can be read by changing the initial sound or by rhyming with a known word. Picture clues provide considerable support for the text. All the elements add up to reading success! You may need to help your child sound out some words, then after several readings together, encourage him or her to read alone. This is just one selection in Dr. James Hoffman’s Start to Read! Early Reading Program, with storybooks across three progressive reading levels.

Series: School Zone Start to Read

Format: Soft Cover

Publisher: School Zone

SKU: 076645060365