Start to Read 1-Get Lost, Becka!

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Get your child reading with a charming story of sibling conflict. Intended for first-time readers, this Level 1 storybook from the Start to Read! series, helps make reading easy. It has beginning vocabulary, many basic sight words, and a short sentence or two on each page. In Get Lost, Becka!, an extremely relatable story for most children, older sister Jenny tells Becka to get lost. Feeling left out, Becka imagines how it will be when she is bigger and has more influence. You’ll find that the repetition, short words and sentences, and entertaining illustrations will add up to reading success! Most of the words in the story are typically introduced in first grade. You may need to help your child sound out some words, then after several readings together, encourage him or her to read alone. This is just one selection in Dr. James Hoffman’s Start to Read! Early Reading Program, with storybooks across three progressive reading levels.

Series: School Zone Start to Read

Format: Soft Cover

Publisher: School Zone

SKU: 076645060136