Shapes & Numbers P-K Ages 3-6

by School Zone Publishing Company
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Use these creative, colorful wipe-clean flash cards to playfully help kids learn important readiness skills. Imagine, discover, interact! Peek through the clever cut-out shape. Read the catchy rhyme. “Just for kicks, this moose licks the number 6.” Then follow the directions: Circle the groups of 6, trace the number 6, and color 6 acorns. Friendly scenes bustle with activity. Little learners can erase their work and try again. Turn the cards over and use the traditional flash card method to help kids retain what they have learned. Plus, kids can trace the shapes and numbers to develop their printing skills. These clever cards promote: Shapes and Number Recognition – Make up new silly rhymes for each card. Have little fingers trace & count while you say the number word. Thinking Skills – Ask kids additional questions. Where does the caterpillar live? What animal eats acorns? What noise does a monkey make? Vocabulary – Point to various pictures so kids can practice naming animals and objects. Jump-start creative thinking, and encourage shapes and number fluency.

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Format: Soft Cover

Publication Date: 2017-10-25

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