Rapid Reads The Night Thief: A Cedric O'Toole Mystery

by Fradkin, Barbara Fradkin
64.00 NIS
Simple country handyman Cedric O’Toole relies on his organic vegetable garden to supplement his meager income, so he’s upset when vegetables begin disappearing. After several futile attempts to protect the garden, he stakes it out one night with his shotgun and spots a shadowy figure running into the woods. Cedric follows and finds a young boy living rough on his land. The boy has never been taught to read or write, and no one has reported him missing. No stranger to childhood neglect himself, Cedric takes the boy under his wing and tries to find answers. Who is the mystery boy, and why is he hiding in the woods? The Night Thief is the third novel in a series featuring reluctant sleuth Cedric O’Toole.

Number of Pages: 144

Reading Level: 3.2

Publication Date: 2015-04-01

SKU: 9781459808669