Orca Soundings Sticks and Stones

by Beth Goobie
64.00 NIS
Ralph looked away from me to another guy. "What do you think, Scott—a seven?" Scott looked me up and down. "Seven? Maybe." "Maybe on a good day," said another guy. "A really good day? Like last Friday?" Ralph replied. They were all laughing again. "You guys are pigs," I said. No one expects Jujube to fight back when her reputation takes a beating. Jujube is thrilled when Brent asks her out. She is not so happy when the rumors start flying at school. Pretty soon her name is showing up on bathroom walls and everyone is snickering and sniping. When her mother gets involved, Jujube's reputation takes another hit. Deciding that someone has to take a stand, Jujube gathers all the other girls who are labelled sluts—and worse—and tries to impress on her fellow students the damage that can be done by assigning a label that reduces a person to an object.

Number of Pages: 86

Lexile Level: 430L

Reading Level: 2.6

SKU: 9781551432137