Orca Soundings Shallow Grave

by Alex Van Tol
64.00 NIS
Ouija boards and restless spirits combine to solve a violent murder. When they're hauled into the office in the wake of a stupid prank, schoolmates Elliot and Shannon have no idea that hiding the principal's Smart Car in the woods was the least of their problems. As part of their punishment, the pair is tasked to clean up the school boathouse. Should be an easy enough task, they figure: chuck all the broken stuff, organize whatever still works and get the weekend underway. But when Shannon talks Elliot into making a Ouija board, things take a turn for the horrifying. When the pair accidentally unleashes a dark force, they find themselves caught up in a mystery that must be solved if they have any hope of escape.

Number of Pages: 136

Reading Level: 2.5

SKU: 9781459802025