Orca Soundings Riot Act

by Diane Tullson
64.00 NIS
Black smoke bites my lungs. I gasp to get a breath. As I turn away from the police car, there's a whooshing sound and flames spill from the broken windows. People scramble back from the heat. It feels like my jersey is on fire, but it's not. The torched car, the cheering crowd; it's awful and scary and weirdly fun, like we're in a virtual world. But the smoke is real—very real—and all rules are off. What makes one person a hero? And another a criminal? How often do you get to see a car tipped or stores looted? Seventeen-year-old Daniel gets caught up in a post-game riot, and then he and his best friend escape police by breaking into a store. They only intend to cut through to the alley, but rioters follow and trash the place. Daniel prevents an arsonist from torching the store; the next day he's a hero while his friend is outed as a rioter. Can Daniel save face, and will it cost him his friend?

Number of Pages: 118

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