Orca Soundings Dead Run

by Sean Rodman
64.00 NIS
Sam is in the race of his life, and if he gets caught, he may never cross the finish line. Sam wants to win, no matter what it takes. Bicycle racing is his sport and he has a gift for it—but his attitude keeps getting in the way. After his teammates give up on him, Sam is offered a fresh opportunity. Viktor, an aging Olympic racer, will coach him and maybe give him what he needs to be a winner. But there's a catch: Sam has to work as a bike courier at Viktor's company. The work is dangerous and intense, fighting traffic in the inner city to make deliveries at breakneck speeds. Then Sam is assigned by Viktor to the mysterious "dead run," delivering untraceable packages for an unknown client. Soon Sam is racing away from the law—and risks losing everything.

Number of Pages: 128

Reading Level: 3

SKU: 9781459802445