Orca Soundings Cellular

by Schwartz, Ellen
64.00 NIS
Brendan has it all—captain of the basketball team, good friends, a beautiful girlfriend and a loving family—until he is diagnosed with leukemia. Terrified and convinced that no one understands what he is going through, Brendan faces chemotherapy alone, until he meets Lark. She is also in treatment, although her condition is much worse, and yet she remains positive and hopeful. Brendan is torn between feeling sorry for himself and the love for life that Lark brings to even the simplest thing. Through Lark, he discovers the strength to go on, to fight for survival and to love.

Number of Pages: 115

Lexile Level: HL470L

Publication Date: 2010-10-01

Publisher: Orca Books Publishing

SKU: 9781554692965