Orca Limelights Cut the Lights

by Krossing, Karen
64.00 NIS
Briar has a vision for the one-act play she's been chosen to direct at her performing arts high school. She's going to create a masterpiece. If only everyone involved in the production shared her vision. Her leading lady is gifted but troubled, her leading man has a crush on the leading lady, her stage manager doesn't have a clue, and her best friend, who wrote the play, is worried that Briar's production is cursed. As Briar struggles to motivate her cast and crew, she learns some important truths about the fine art of directing—and about herself.

Number of Pages: 136

Format: Soft Cover

Reading Level: 5.5

Publication Date: 2010-01-13

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781459804135