Orca Currents Slick

by Cassidy, Sara
64.00 NIS
Liza, determined to prove that her mother's boyfriend is no good, starts researching the oil company he works for. Liza discovers a lawsuit against the company for compensation that is long overdue to Guatemalan farmers. She starts a group at school called GRRR! (Girls for Renewable Resources, Really!) and launches an attack on Argenta Oil. As her activism activities increase, her objections to her mother's boyfriend become political. She is learning to separate the personal from the political, but when her mother discovers her plans for a demonstration outside the Argenta Oil head office, the two collide in ways Liza least suspected.

Number of Pages: 116

Lexile Level: HL620L

Reading Level: 3.5

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781554693528