Orca Currents Living Rough

by Watson, Cristy
64.00 NIS
In most ways, Poe is like the other kids in his school. He thinks about girls and tries to avoid too much contact with teachers. He has a loving father who helps him with his homework. But Poe has a secret, and almost every day some small act threatens to expose him. He doesn't have a phone number to give to friends. He doesn't have an address. Poe and his father are living in a tent on city land. When the city clears the land to build housing, Poe worries that they might not be able to find another site near his school. Will Poe have to expose his secret to get help for himself and his father?

Number of Pages: 107

Lexile Level: HL550L

Reading Level: 2.6

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781554694341