Orca Currents Hypnotized

by Trembath, Don
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"She's locked in," he says, his eyes wide. "She's hypnotized. I did it. She's down there with this totally serene look on her face. It's unbelievable." I'm not hungry anymore. I bolt downstairs. I have never seen my sister look serene before. I stop in my tracks when I see her. She's sitting on a chair in the middle of our basement. Her back is straight. Her eyes are closed. Her face is passive, relaxed, devoid of all emotion--meaning, in her case, devoid of anger. I see nothing evil about her for the first time in my entire life. Rufus and his sister Alexa hate each other at the best of times. When Rufus's friend Phil manages to hypnotize Alexa, Rufus is ready to enjoy the power. They begin by ordering Alexa to be kind to her parents and Phil. The plan backfires when Alexa sweetly suggests canceling an expensive family vacation in favor of a week at home playing board games. Then Alexa turns on the charm with Phil and suddenly Rufus has to deal with a lovesick amateur hypnotist. Rufus is certain it can't get any stranger until Alexa, still in her hypnotic state, is kind to the brother she's always hated and Rufus is more confused than he's ever been. Orca Sounding Teacher's Notes

Publisher: Orca Books Publishing

SKU: 9781551437057