Orca Currents Finding Elmo

by Polak, Monique
64.00 NIS
Fifteen-year-old Tim loves his job at his dad's pet store, partly because he gets to spend time with his best friend, a black cockatoo named Elmo. But things at work have been tense since the store moved to a larger, more expensive location. To make extra money his father rents out the store's exotic birds for parties and Tim is furious at this exploitation of his friend. When Elmo is stolen from one of the parties, the police are unconcerned about the theft. Tim and his new human friend, Sapna, set out to find Elmo and discover that Elmo is more valuable than they'd ever imagined.

Number of Pages: 102

Lexile Level: HL670L

Reading Level: 3.9

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781551436869