School Zone Little Thinkers - Preschool Ages 3-5

by School Zone Publishing Company
26.00 NIS
Help sharpen your preschooler’s problem-solving skills. Dozens of quick, fun, and creative learning activities encourage looking—and thinking—carefully. Little Thinkers® have to compare, evaluate, and imagine. This 32-page workbook combines skills and stretches abilities and makes it fun! A few examples: Check the animal that does not belong in the group. Color all the squares red. Check the traffic light that tells you to stop. Color to finish the pattern. Circle the rabbit that is going to the right. Draw a line to where the cow lives. X 5 things wrong in the picture. Match the cookie cutter to its cookie. Circle the picture that rhymes with frog. Whew! Thinking gets a world-class workout. Slip this workbook into backpack or tote as a super take-along for travel and appointments.

Format: Soft Cover

Publication Date: 2017-10-25

Publisher: School Zone

SKU: 076645023544