School Zone Little Thinkers - Kindergarten Ages 5-6

by School Zone Publishing Company
26.00 NIS
Help your kindergartner be an A #1 problem-solver! Dozens of quick, fun, and creative learning activities encourage looking—and thinking—carefully. Little Thinkers® have to compare, evaluate, and imagine. This 32-page workbook takes the basics, and with a whimsical twist, turns them into challenging adventures! A few examples: Circle the picture that shows why this happened. Circle the clock that shows 4:00. Write the missing number. Draw a line to match each letter pair (uppercase and lowercase). Circle the word that matches the picture. X the snake that is the longest; check the snake that is the shortest. Write the number that is between two other numbers. These strategic activities sharpen multiple skills fast! Slip this workbook into a backpack or tote as a super take-along for travel and appointments.

Format: Soft Cover

Publication Date: 2017-10-25

Publisher: School Zone

SKU: 076645023551