Jack Stalwart #03-The Mystery of The Mona Lisa: France

by Hunt, Elizabeth Singer
39.00 NIS
In The Mystery of the Mona Lisa, Jack is sent to the Louvre Museum in Paris to track down the theft of the world's most be-loved painting. He has to match wits with a seemingly invisible mastermind equipped with gadgets to match his in order to stop Leonardo's masterpiece from slipping into the criminal underground forever. Can Jack's Hypo-Disk overpower a glove that shoots fine laser beams from its fingertips? Jack's adventures in the City of Lights (GPF code name: Cheese) demon-strate once again that when it comes to outsmarting the baddies--Jack is the go-to agent with endless tricks up his sleeve.

Number of Pages: 102

Publisher: Hachette Book Group

SKU: 9781602860018