Growing Up: Tadpole to Frog

by Maloney, Brenna
45.00 NIS


Each living thing in nature follows a life cycle. Come with us as we explore growing up from tadpole to frog!

A tadpole wiggles out into the water. Its body begins to change and grow. Soon it will be a full-grown frog. Get an up-close look at the life cycle of this champion jumper-from tadpole to frog-all in the pages of this book.

Every living thing goes through changes as it grows. Tiny seeds grow into huge pumpkins, beautiful apple trees or tall sunflowers. Little eggs can turn into chickens or frogs. And beautiful butterflies begin life as fuzzy caterpillars. The books in the Growing Up series offer kids the chance to learn what happens at each stage of these life cycles. Engaging text, fascinating facts, and beautiful photos complete these books where readers will discover how the process of a new life starting is always fascinating.

Number of Pages: 32

Publisher: Scholastic

SKU: 9780531137093