Literature Guide - Of Mice and Men: An Instructional Guide for Literature (Great Works)

by Shell Education - Teacher Created Materials
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Of Mice and Men: An Instructional Guide for Literature provides lesson plans and activities designed specifically for this classic novel by John Steinbeck. This valuable resource guides teachers in a rich and deep exploration of the text with ways to add rigor with complex literature. Readers will enjoy their analysis of this story while evaluating its themes of friendship and loss through close reading, text-based vocabulary practice, and fun activities and lessons. Text-dependent questions help students analyze the story, and close reading activities require students to use textual evidence as they revisit passages for deeper analysis. With various methods of assessing comprehension, this instructional guide offers strategies for cross-curricular activities as students build an in-depth understanding of this classic tale.

For grades 9-12

Publisher: Wiz Kids

SKU: 9781480785083