Focus on Reading Strategies - Level D

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Reading comprehension strategies to transform the way students read

Based on a proven short course at Harvard University, Strategic Reader prepares students for the volume and rigor of college reading assignments. Lipson and Reindl, directors of Harvard’s Bureau of Study Counsel and creators of Strategic Reader, are licensed psychologists interested in how people learn.

What does it do?

Strategic Reader helps students:

  • develop efficient and effective reading comprehension strategies
  • expand their repertoire of active reading strategies
  • develop metacognitive capacities necessary for advanced learning
  • build their sense of confidence and agency as learners and thinkers

Who does it help?

Strategic Reader is perfect for:

  • college-ready readers — from college freshmen to graduate students
  • students in study skills or gateway courses across the disciplines
  • anyone looking for greater competence and confidence in their reading

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Publisher: Perfection Learning

SKU: 9780789161512