Flash Cards - Colors, Shapes & More

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They see it and say it while learning to count, rhyme, match, and more with these playful flash cards. Get your little ones ready for school. You experience their joy in learning the basic shapes, colors, and numbers as they identify, pair together, and count with these great flash cards. Use these double-sided cards at home or on the go for constant learning and fun. Help your child build confidence while learning the essential skills necessary for kindergarten. Plus, get an access code for a free Golden Scholar Club online gift! Activities Included & What Kids Learn • Colors – 9 cards with colored crayons introduce the basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, white, and black • Numbers – 10 cards with groups of objects teach counting from one to ten • Directions – 4 cards with hands and objects that point left, right, up, and down teach the direction words • Go-Togethers – 6 sets of two cards with “go-together” pictures (i.e., dog & bone), plus 1 card with a matching-word list, teach basic relational thinking • Rhyming Words – 6 sets of two cards with pictures of rhyming words (i.e., cake & snake), plus 1 card with a rhyming-word list, teach same-sound recognition • Shapes – 6 cards with basic geometric shapes (i.e., circle, square) teach shape recognition and naming Skills: focus, concentration; eye-hand coordination; shapes; shape recognition; colors; matching, pairing, grouping; counting; directions; rhyming; relational thinking; same-sound recognition.

Publisher: School Zone Publishing Company

SKU: 9780938256960