4M - Spy Science Secret Message

70.00 NIS
Which child has not being intrigued by the mystery of secret codes, messages and spying? This absolutely great Spy Science kit will be a definite hit! The Spy activity kit includes 2 complete super spy secret message kits for 2 children playing together. Included in the kit is more than 40 components allowing 2 kids to communicate in up to 9 different secret ways! Lot's of activities and fun facts are also included. 2 Sets of Secret Message Kits each contains the following: 1 Handy plastic case for storing your secret messaging devices 1 Morse code flashlight (with battery installed) 1 Set of invisible message writer and developer (2 pcs) 1 Built in cipher wheel 2 Message capsules and paper stripes for stick code 6 Colour encryption note sheets 1 Secret code cards library that contains various well known codes information and a plain card for inventing your own secret code 1 Spy International ID card with a secret name label and built-in decoder lens for color-encrypted messages 1 Assembly instructions with fun facts about different secret message codes and devices

Publisher: 4M

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