Wiz Kids is Hiring

Wiz Kids is Looking for a Semi/Full Time Staff Person

Wiz Kids is an amazing English store in Ra’anana that specializes in English books and academic/supplemental materials for teaching English.  Our customers are teachers, librarians, parents & grandparents throughout the country. Our store has an incredible vibe: pretty with great products. Most people tell us that they want to buy everything or just hang out for the whole day!

If you are a person who:

  • Speaks English AND Hebrew fluently and can write well in both languages.
  • Likes working with people and gets a real rush when you know that a customer has been “WOW”ed by your help!
  • Likes computers and doesn’t get stressed when you have to figure out how to do something new.
  • Likes working in a small business where everyone pitches in and everyone does a bit of almost everything.
  • Does not like being inactive: is always looking around asking “what needs to be done?”
  • Is efficient and organized.


The Job

The job is full time. Responsibilities are diverse and include working in the store, office, warehouse or at book fairs, depending on the need.

Store: answering phones, taking/processing orders that come in via phone, fax and/or email, and serving customers who walk in. Sometimes, we get to recommend the latest and the greatest books, and that’s fun but that’s just a small part of the job.

Office: placing orders with vendors overseas. Tracking to see what is coming and what is not coming.

Warehouse: opening boxes when shipments come in, “receiving goods”, stickering, and shelving. “Picking and packing” orders for customers and getting them ready to ship out.

Book Fairs/Conferences:  taking Wiz Kids on the road. Packing up books in boxes and going to schools, teachers’ conferences etc. Involves lifting & schlepping.



  • Knowledge in literature for children, young adults or adults.
  • Knowledge about materials to teach English – either to Native Speakers or EFL.


    Please send your resume with an email note to hayley@wizkids.co.ilAll applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application, regardless of whether or not they have been selected for interview.