Eleanor #1 - Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

by Julie Sternberg
45.00 NIS
When Eleanor's beloved babysitter, Bibi, has to move away to take care of her ailing father, Eleanor must try to bear the summer without Bibi and prepare for the upcoming school year. Her new, less-than-perfect babysitter just isn't up to snuff, and she doesn't take care of things like Bibi used to. But as the school year looms, it's time for new beginnings. Eleanor soon realizes that she will always have Bibi, no matter how far away she is. Written in a lyrical style with thoughtful and charming illustrations throughout, this remarkable debut novel tells a poignant story of friendship and the bittersweet feelings of growing up.

Number of Pages: 128

Format: Soft Cover

Lexile Level: 440L

Reading Level: 2.5

Publisher: Other

SKU: 9781419720505