Get Ready Stickers Ages 3-6

by School Zone Publishing Company
26.00 NIS
Make learning readiness skills quick, make it fun, and make it stick! What kid doesn't like stickers? These stickers build important skills and get kids thinking! “Some ducks are missing numbers. Use the stickers to fill in the missing numbers.” “Place each vehicle sticker next to the job it does.” This unique method of learning uses stickers as manipulatives for an interactive learning experience that teaches and reinforces skills like before and after, counting, matching, grouping, finding patterns, and seeing similarities and differences. And with this little Get Ready Stickers workbook from the Stuck on Learning!® series, it's all cleverly disguised as amusing sticker play. The super slim size makes it perfect for tucking in a tote or backpack. Get your child stuck on learning!

Format: Soft Cover

Publication Date: 2017-10-25

Publisher: School Zone

SKU: 9781681470511