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  1. All About Me Poster Pack

    All About Me Poster Pack

    By Terry Cooper


    Give students a chance to describe themselves and to tell others about themselves. The large 17" x 22" sheets provide plenty of space for words and pictures. 32 sheets per pack. Learn More
  2. Awards - Wild Style Certificates

    Awards - Wild Style Certificates



    The edgy and contemporary Wild Style design creates a cheerful and inspirational award that students will be proud to receive. Easy to personalize and customize to any occasion and student. Available in packs of 30. Great to have on hand to celebrate students’ accomplishments and achievements. Each sheet measures 5 ½" x 8 ½". Learn More
  3. Combination Plan Record Book

    Combination Plan Record Book

    By Wiz Kids


    Planner/Record book has pages to record 40 students names/40 weeks of school. Includes teachers page, seating charts, substitute teachers page, events calendar. and daily schedule. Can be used six classes for 40 weeks or 12 classes for 20 weeks. Learn More
  4. Encouraging Stars Stickers

    Encouraging Stars Stickers



    120 self-adhesive stickers per pack. Approx 1". Stickers are acid-free and lignin-free per industry standards. Learn More
  5. Flash Cards - Numbers, Colors & Shapes

    Flash Cards - Numbers, Colors & Shapes



    Three cards, three words, one picture. Introduce your child to the world of numbers, words, and colors with these playful puzzle cards. Put three cards in order to complete each puzzle and read the simple sentence. There are 18 full-color puzzles that will have your little one counting numbers, identifying colors, and recognizing animal pictures and names, like “eighteen black ants.” Flip the cards over for 18 more puzzles, this time revealing a short sentence with a number, adjective, and shape—“seventeen shy diamonds.” Have fun reading these silly puzzles with your child today! Learn More
  6. Grammar Games CD (single user)

    Grammar Games CD (single user)



    Grammar Songs are a fun and interactive resource for teaching children the basic rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation that are covered in Grammar 1 and 2. The book comes with an audio CD with 20 songs that are set to popular tunes and sung in British English. The lyrics are fun and the tunes familiar and upbeat, making the songs catchy and memorable. Children can sing along using the lyrics provided and very quickly learn the songs, enabling them to recall numerous grammatical facts and rules. Games and activities are also included in the 24 page book. Learn More
  7. Incentive Charts - Zoo Animals

    Incentive Charts - Zoo Animals



    Filling up a chart with stickers is a sure way to motivate young students. Label each chart with a task and a name. Then record the progress in homework, classroom assignments, attendance, good behavior, etc. Learn More
  8. Jolly Phonics Alternative Spelling & Alphabet Poster (in Print Letters)

    Jolly Phonics Alternative Spelling & Alphabet Poster (in Print Letters)



    A two poster pack with alternative vowel spellings on one and alphabet letters on the other. Learn More
  9. Jolly Phonics Cards (Four sets of cards in a box)

    Jolly Phonics Cards (Four sets of cards in a box)



    Four sets of flashcards in one box, suitable for whole-class use. Learn More
  10. Jolly Phonics Grammar Games CD (site licence)

    Jolly Phonics Grammar Games CD (site licence)



    Join Inky Mouse and her friends as they practice their grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills through a collection of 15 interactive games that are discovered on 5 grammar islands. Offering high levels of interactivity and colorful animation, Inky's grammar islands come to life as children practice their skills, meeting new friends along the way. Learn More

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