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Rhyming Games

  1. Battle Cards - Rhymes

    Battle Cards - Rhymes

    By Avenue Mandarine


    Game of associations and speed Elegant and original graphics... Find a rhyme matching your card's design before your opponent and win the battle! - 42 cards + rules of the game - 2 players - Playing time: about 10 minutes - Ages: 6+ Learn More
  2. Big Box of Rhyming Puzzles

    Big Box of Rhyming Puzzles

    By Scholastic


    Build vocabulary, improve rhyming skills, and practice identifying initial and final consonant sounds with the Big Box of Rhyming Game. Learn More
  3. Gamelish - Reading Right #6 - The Rhyming Game

    Gamelish - Reading Right #6 - The Rhyming Game

    By Gamelish


    Ten foursomes for practicing reading through rhyming words and advanced pronunciation. words rhyme with: at, ed, ip, og, un, ate, ite, ole, lue, ane At the top of each card you find the name of the set: a word and a small illustration. The rest of the words rhyme with the top word. Note: some words have different spelling! For example: sun-run, fun, one, done eight– date, wait, great, weight Great fun for all students, great help for those who struggle with reading! Learn More
  4. I Spy a Mouse in the House!

    I Spy a Mouse in the House!



    I Spy a Mouse in the House! is a fun rhyme-matching game designed to help build phonemic awareness and develop vocabulary. Perfect for 1 to 3 players, children identifying rhyming objects in the house and collecting game cards to win. Learn More
  5. Time to Rhyme Board Game

    Time to Rhyme Board Game



    Time to Rhyme puts a fun twist on classic lotto and memory matching games! It helps strengthen visual discrimination, vocabulary, and phonics skills, and requires no reading. Perfect for 2-4 players, this game is recommended for ages 4 and up. Learn More