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Alphabet Games

  1. 52 Puzzle Pieces with Writing Lines

    52 Puzzle Pieces with Writing Lines



    Learn a variety of basic skills with this multisensory tool. Included are 50 write-on/wipe-off lined puzzle pieces that can be used with crayons or markers. Write alphabet letters, words, or sentences. Learn More
  2. Alphabet Ants

    Alphabet Ants

    By Carson-Dellosa Publishing


    Identify and match uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters to discover an object that beings with that letter sound. Learn More
  3. Alphabet Names & Sounds

    Alphabet Names & Sounds

    By Carson-Dellosa Publishing


    Match letter names to letters or match words with beginning letter sounds to letters. Learn More
  4. Flash Cards - Go Fish

    Flash Cards - Go Fish

    By School Zone


    Little ones will enjoy playing a smarter version of Go Fish. In this case winning involves drawing the most upper- and lowercase letter pairs. Here, each pair is represented by a parent and child animal. There are even age-appropriate terms, like “hatchling” for baby alligator. With activities for two or more players, Go Fish helps teach turn-taking and cooperation. Or, kids can have fun matching letters and creating words on their own. Involve your child in these valuable pre-reading skills today and make school all the more enjoyable Learn More
  5. Gamelish - The ABC Game

    Gamelish - The ABC Game

    By Gamelish


    ● players improve their reading skills ● players improve their speaking skills ● players improve their social skills ● they improve their cognitive skills ● success is the best motivation ● we can enjoy togetherness while practicing English Learn More
  6. Ladybug Letters Game

    Ladybug Letters Game



    Learn the alphabet with ladybug puzzles. Each correctly assembled two-piece ladybug results in a letter match. Turn the ladybug over to see a completed photograph of something that begins with that letter. Included are 26 ladybugs, 26 two-sided leaf letters, and a resource guide. Learn More