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About Wiz Kids

Wiz Kids was founded in Ra'anana, Israel in October 2002 by Deborah Berzan and Elan Sober, a wife and husband team who were determined that their kids (the original Wiz Kids) were going to become prodigious readers in English as well as in Hebrew, the language of the kids' school.

The business started off small; a really beautiful e-commerce website and 75 fabulous titles. Quickly, Wiz Kids evolved. A proper storefront was opened making the business a "bricks and clicks" operation – both internet and physical premisesWe added on academic books and the rest is history!

As of today, Wiz Kids is the ONLY store in Israel devoted to readers and academic materials for Dovrei Anglit and has branched out to sell all kinds of readers and supplemental teaching products to parents and/or English teachers of Hebrew and/or Arabic speakers. We pride ourselves on the breadth of our product line, our product knowledge, and our ability to help kids, parents and teachers find something that is just right for them.

The team at Wiz Kids, Deborah, Ilene, Rachel and Leonie, have worked hard since 2002 to provide excellent product and excellent service. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Deborah Berzan